About me

flowersI have drawn, painted and created Art for as long as I can remember, even as a child I remember trying to use mud from the garden to model with. I  love to explore possibilities and have always had an enquiring mind. I need to know ‘the how’ about too much!

The world about me has always fascinated me, be it people, landscapes, pebbles, trees and  plants. Consequently, much of my work reflects nature, or is derived from natural shapes, colours and light.  I love working with wood, especially locally sourced, and other natural materials and I am passionate about the environment. I love the idea that I can prolong the life of a piece of wood by carving it into something intrinsically tactile, or beautiful.

Sometimes my work is whimsical, exploring random ideas, or the humour that pops into my head and sometimes reflecting on the fragility of life. I also love colour and moods that can be created with paint.  When I am carving I miss colour and when I am painting I miss working in the round! So my work swings from one to the other.

Recently, I have put carving and picture making together and have started to embrace printing using woodcuts and wood engraving. This is a pursuit that I am itching to develop further now that I have begun to explore the possibilities,  It just seems such a logical development for me.

Patricia Williams July 2013

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